Finding Role Models in Anime

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In my New Year’s resolution, I stumbled on an important idea.

“Anime isn’t afraid of emotional intimacy – it celebrates it. Rather than aiming for mass appeal, anime has evolved to target thousands of niche audiences. And in the digital age, it’s easier than ever to find anime that resonates with you. It’s easier to find anime that helps you through life.”

Back then, I decided to start an anime blog – a ‘time capsule’ to record why I loved my favourite shows. Because anime made me a better person. It helped me through the darkest times in my life. And I wanted to preserve those memories. I wanted to keep my feelings fresh, and share those experiences with the world.

But after rewatching my favourite shows, I narrowed my blog’s scope. I pinned down why those shows resonate with me. How they helped me through life. What I actually want to discuss.

The role models.

Anime characters helped me self-reflect. By living vicariously through my role models, I learned what I wanted from life. They unearthed wounds I hadn’t recovered from. They taught me how to heal. When I wept or cheered for my role models, I realised how I needed to change.

Through my blog, I’ll share my role models with you. Analyse how they taught me lessons. And if possible, I’ll inspire you as much as anime inspires me. Because I know how much that matters.

Let’s start with the pair who helped me the most.

Nitori from Wandering Son, and Kumiko from Sound Euphonium.

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